Poxcat is a collective dedicated to support DJs by promoting their work.
We commission and repost DJ mixes we like and organise parties.

  1. Laryssa Kim's Release Party

    Laryssa Kim's Release Party

    For her the EP Lov'em All

    Laryssa Kim
    Moesha 13
    ► Ra Dio Hi To
    Illsyll x JeuneClyde

    Laryssa said :

    "We teamed up with VK vaartkapoen to bring you a night of emotions, dance and joy.
    Mark your agenda December 13 and give your body & soul a special treatment 🪔
    I will be performing my EP live but also some exclusive music. I invited a few other artists that I think are very talented to make the best out of this night !
    Listen to my EP here : https://laryssakim.fanlink.to/lovemallep

    ► Doors : 20:30
    ► Tickets at the door: € 5 | € 8 after 22:00
    ► Manchesterstraat 13-15 Rue de Manchester


    MOESHA 13, hailing from Marseille with a powerful hybrid performance between a rap show and a club dj set.
    Sweating level : 30000. https://soundcloud.com/moesha13officiel

    RADIO HITO performs with a synthesizer, a few effects pedals and her voice. She brings you into a poetic dimension of sound and verses and reaches straight to our souls. https://soundcloud.com/radiohito

    My longtime girlfriends from the awesome POXCAT COLLECTIVE will handle the decks along with the dance-floor killer duo QUEEN MAMA ILL SYLLA OBLONGATA & PRINCE JEUNECLYDE.


  2. POXCAT à la Nocturnes des musées au CIVA

    Jeudi 24/10 de 17h à 22h - Entrée gratuite


    Dj Hyppocampo
    Disko Bambrieno de Orphan Fairytale

    Rue de l’Ermitage 55
    1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

    • Les Actionnaires invite Poxcat Collective to co-host the 33rd fiesta !
      Free entrance to 21:30 then 6€

      ϟ Maria Teriaeva Music ϟ
      (electroacoustic / live / ru )

      Maria Teriaeva is a Siberia-born, Moscow-based musician and composer.
      She uses modular synthesizer, basically Buchla, as a framework of her music, combining it with acoustic instruments and voice. She starts performances from improvisation and gets to the buchla-pop format songs at the end. Her music is full of hooks and amazing finds, experiments and all her new music at her interest; she is a part of the Keen Association, the Moscow Company that produces Innovative Instrumentarium for sound and music.


      ϟ Elektronisch Volume ϟ
      (electro exp. / live / be)
      Elektronisch Volume Electronique

      ϟ Jolotl ϟ
      (r'n'b machine / live / mex-be)

      Musical atmosphere by :
      Amigo III
      + Nurse +
      La souris et l'éléphant

  3. LINE-UP:

    Radio Hito (live) 
    Summer Satana (live) 
    Céline Gillain (live) 
    DJ K-Rol
    Poxcat Crew DJ’S 

    Projections by Gabriela Gonzalez Rondón 

    Artwork by Melek Zertal

    Security safeguarded by Samira Tres Bien
    Sound quality provided by Valentin Noiret , assisted by S. Faye
    Welcome lavished by Luz De Amor , Poxcat Crew & Friends
    Food delivered with care

    20:00 - 03:00
    Live acts start at 21:00

    Marcel Bike Café,
    Rue Georges Matheus 43, 1210 Bruxelles

    Free for Subbacultcha members before 22:00


  4. Next POXCAT Party | Beursschouwburg → 11/05

    Beursschouwburg ⚭ Kunstenfestivaldesarts are throwing a party with the Poxcat dj's.
    An eclectic mix of future everything!


    dj Hyppocampo

    dj amigo III

    free entry

    more info
    NL http://www.beursschouwburg.be/nl/events/electronic-music/poxcat-djs/
    FR http://www.beursschouwburg.be/fr/events/electronic-music/poxcat-djs/
    EN http://www.beursschouwburg.be/en/events/electronic-music/poxcat-djs/

  5. POXCAT #2 | Brasserie Atlas

    Pour sa deuxième soirée, Poxcat invite:

    Laryssa Kim (live)

    DJ SET

    ✰ Ill Syll

    ✰ Clara!

    ✰ Poxcat crew dj's

    Artwork by ✰ NINA COSCO

    • Entrée: 5 euros

  6. Poxcat after work party at Kumiko

    Jeudi 25 Janvier 2018
    19:30 - 23:30

    chez Kumiko
    Rue d'Alost 7 • 1000 Bruxelles

    After work party at the Kumiko
    With dj Hyppocampo and dj + Nurse +!
    Please come 🍜

    仕事 の 前 の パーティー は くみこで
    とディージェー ヒポキャンポー と ディージェー 哺!
    来てください 🍜

  7. ✧ * . Poxcat Halloween Session . * ✧

    Samedi 4 Novembre 2017

    Au CHAFF
    Place du Jeu de Balle 21 • 1000 Bruxelles

    !!!!! MAMAN J'AI PEEEEUUUUUR !!!!! 🎃

    Les Poxcat se préparent pour la 

    Couleurs, décors et costumes à gogo!!!

    👹  👻  🎶  🎉  🐗



    événement GRATUIT 🎁

  8. Soirée de soutien - Salon Mirage

    Jeudi 7 Septembre 2017
    18h - 11h30

    Niko Matcha
    Rue de Flandre 183B

    1000 Brussels

    Dj Hyppocampo
    Mika Mayonnaise
    Dj Amigo III 

    Entrée: 3 euros
    Bar et biscuits au thé matcha sur place

  9. P O X C A T ✧ first party

    Samedi 17 Juin 2017

    Universal Club
    38 Rue de Malines
    1000 Bruxelles

    Entrée — 5€

    Vestiaire — 1€

    Kale Marx
    DJ Amigo III
    DJ Hyppocampo